Posthuman Art

In April 2022 i have been selected to participate in an online residency hosted by Foreign Objekt through the Posthuman Art Network.

In my work, I put the circuit in the center place, my role as a performer being first about choosing the types of interactions and selecting parameters and then letting the machine run its course.


My project during this residency is to create an interface to control sound and image that would be a organic feeling tactile board with emotions and moods of its own that would influence the outcome of the art produced through the interactions with the user.

The first draft of my concept on the Posthuman Art Network website.

This interface is composed of a Kinesthetic Instrument (KI) and a software running in Mirror Stage Mode (MSM).

The Kinesthetic Instrument is a tactile board with a soft touch. It’s only reactive to pressure and won’t recall any value. It needs to be constantly stimulated to act. It controls all aspects of the software.

The Mirror Stage Mode of the software is distorting the image of the artist, as she faces it. The sound is crushed and processed to the brink of failure. Matter comes from pure sine waves or samples, depending on the mood. The continuous flow of discrete data produces glitches and jumps.

The sessions aim to attain a state of trance and ego dissolution – similar to hypnosis. The tactile board allows to bypass the brain in the control of the machine.