Posthuman Art

In April 2022 i was selected to participate in an online residency hosted by Foreign Objekt through the Posthuman Art Network.

We benefit from weekly meetings and workshops conducted by internationally acclaimed researchers and authors like Ray Brassier, David Roden, Natasha Vita-More, Reza Negarestani, Martin E. Rosenberg, Anna Longo, Alexander Wilson, Mattin, Maure Coise and many others.

My participation in this residency includes writings and art pieces, both digital and material, that are featured in collective exhibitions. I also participate and help facilitate panels and symposiums.

It is an ongoing process, a complex system that facilitates the confrontation of ideas.

My work is questioning the relationship of the Homo genus with technology and finding new ways of interaction with the machine that would encourage the emergence of new cognitive pathways, as a creative praxis of production of sound and video, as a pathway to Homo Gemeinwesen.

To that effect, I created the Kinesthetic Instrument. It uses generative processes to produce the visual and audio content. It is a machine whose fonctions are highly modified by its environment. I then perform with it, allowing myself space and time for cognitive bifurcation in learning its specificities.

Here are two pieces I wrote related to sound :

And one about the Kinesthetic Instrument :